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Having Trouble Getting A Widget Up On Your Site?

If you've noticed that when adding a widget to your theme editor it appears but upon saving the widget it doesn't appear on your live product page. It could be that you're using a widget that is not in line with your automation set-up.

For example, if you've set-up an automation to build impact 'Per Order', you will want to use the 'Per Order Impact Widgets'. In this instance a 'Per Product Impact Widget' will not appear as you, as it doesn't align with your automation set-up.

Below is a breakdown of which widget you will need for each automation.

Per Order Automation- Per Order Impact Widgets

Per Product Automation- Per Product Impact Widgets

Spend Level Automation- Spend Level Impact Widgets

Tiered Spend Level Automation- Tiered Spend Level Impact Widgets

% Of Order Automation- % Of Order Impact Widgets

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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