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How Do I Add Partners To My Network?

Adding partners to your sustainability network is really easy and a great way to share impact.

Head to ‘Network’ in your dashboard.

Click ‘Partners’ and then 'Invite'.

This pop-up will then appear on the screen:

Then you can input your partner’s details, such as name, company name & email address.

You will then have to select the impact you want to gift them, how you’d like to gift it to them and for how long. When you've selected the impact select 'create partner'.

Here’s what each option type means:

Plan Type: You can choose from three different plans: Starter, Growth and Premium. Choosing a plan means your partner will have access to the benefits of the chosen plan.

Impact or Allowance:You can then choose between ‘Impact or Allowance’.

Choose Impact: You can select the impact you want to gift your partner, along with how much.

Funding Length: This allows you to select how long you want to fund your partner's impact, either just once or for a chosen amount of month.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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