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How Do I Create A Custom Integration?

Beyond Tailored Impacts, you can partition your Impacts further by creating a Custom Integration. A custom integration holds a source and one or more triggers. This way, you can create a data structure that perfectly fits your business needs and simplify reporting.

Adding a custom integration through the API:

You can find your integrations by heading to your dashboard's 'Add Impact' section and then clicking on the 'Manage' button within the 'Integration & automations' section.

You can filter by 'Custom' to view only your Custom Integrations. To create a new one, click on the 'Create custom integration' button.

In the dialogue, you will see a short description of creating custom integrations and a link to the API documentation. To continue, click on the 'Create Custom Integration' button.

Give your Source a name and upload an optional icon.

Name your first Trigger and select a type that best fits your use case. You can always create additional triggers later.

With your freshly created Custom Integration, you can use the Impact API by providing the source id and trigger id, creating a data structure that perfectly fits your business and simplifying reporting.

For more information, click here.

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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