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What Triggers Are Available With Etsy?

Our triggers can do different things depending on which integration you have embedded into your Greenspark account. Here’s what each Etsy trigger does:

Per Order Impact: Adds impact per order/basket. Customers will create one impact no matter how many items they buy at one time.

Per Product Impact: Adds impact per item bought. This can be placed on selected products within your store, and every time an individual item is bought, impact will be made.

Spend Level Impact: Set a spending limit. For example, impact will only be made when a customer spends £20 or more on your shop.

Store Revenue Impact: Create impact for every X amount spent per order on a tiered basis (i.e. 3x spend = 3x impact).

% of Order Impact: Set a percentage of the order total that you would like to dedicate impact to. We will always round down to ensure the threshold is never exceeded.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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