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Where Are You Planting Trees?

We work in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects & EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project. Currently, we are supporting a site in Honduras and Kenya, which is where all our trees are currently being planted.

The trees we plant are made up of diverse native species to ensure the greatest benefit to the environment possible. Their planting also supports local communities with fair wages to plant and protect the trees. We focus on this region as trees grown here have a greater potential for net benefit to the planet than those grown in the UK.

From an environmental standpoint, trees grown in a tropical region will likely grow more rapidly, spread more abundantly, and ultimately absorb more carbon, having a greater positive impact on the planet.

You can read more about our tree-planting project in Honduras here as well as our project in Kenya here.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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