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Why Is There a Broken Link Where My Badge Should Be?

This link shows due to the automatic widget being enabled within the Shopify Theme editor without including the necessary IDs. To remedy this, you can either remove the badge or input the necessary variables.

If you would like to remove the badge you'll want to disable the automatic widget in the Shopify Theme Editor:

You can do this by sliding the toggle.

However, if you would like to activate this badge:

You can do this by logging into your dashboard and selecting 'Engagament Hub'.

From here you want to select 'manage' on badges and widgets.

Now you'll want to select the badge with the broken link by clicking 'use badge'.

Then, click 'App Imbed' on the top of the pop-up next to 'App Block'

From here, if you scroll down you can see the Greenspark ID and Badge URL which you'll want to copy.

Finally, input the badge URL and Greenspark ID into your Shopify theme editor.

You can get further support on this here.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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