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How Do I Add A Custom Domain?

Once you have activated your Greenspark Impact Wallet, you can connect your own custom domain. Adding your own domain ensures higher deliverability and open rates. To do this:

Click ‘Engagement Hub’ within your dashboard.

Click ‘Manage’ next to Post Purchase Engagement.

You will now see multiple features. Click ‘Edit’ next to Custom Domain.

From here, you can edit any previously added domains or add a new one. Click ‘New +’, which will open up a box for you to input your domain. You will also be able to copy & paste the provided records into your host’s DNS section.

Once you’ve added the records, tick the ‘I’ve added all records' box and click ‘verify’.

For further help in adding your records to your host DNS server, you can find individual support below:

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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