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How Do I Create a Zapier API Key?

To use the Zapier integration you need to have a Zapier API Key. Your Zapier API key can be found and managed on the API Keys page (Account → API).

Here you can do the following actions:

- Craete new Zapier API key
- Edit Zapier API key (rename)
- Delete Zapier API key

If you delete your Zapier API key, this will delete the integration and you will have to create a new one to continue using Zapier with Greenspark.**

To create a new Zapier API key, click on the CREATE API KEY button. This will open the API key creation popup. Enter the name of the new Zapier key (this is never shown to customers and only used for internal purposes) and select Zapier in the Type dropdown. Finally click on the Create API Key button to save your new key.

Only one Zapier API key is allowed per account, so if you already have a Zapier key a notification popup will warn you that the previous key will be disabled (removed) and all the processes (Zaps) which use this Zapier key should be updated with the new one. If you click on understood a new Zapier key will be generated.

For security, you will only see your new API key once, so make sure to save it.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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