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How To Create a Zap

The first thing you need to do is to login to your Zapier account. Then click on the Create Zap button.

Just like with any other Zaps, select and setup a trigger for the Zap which will trigger the Greenspark app’s action.

From the Action list select the Greenspark app’s action then select the Create Impact event.

During the the Account step click on sign in (or select the previously added API key from the list) to authenticate the Zap with the Greenspark app.

On the authentication page paste your previously created Zapier API key to allow Zapier to access your Greenspark account. By clicking on the approve button your Zapier API key will be validated and you will be navigated back to the Zap setup.

Click on Continue to setup the Action.

Fill out the Action setup form.

Trigger is the app that you are using to trigger the impact action within Greenspark. This can be any of the 5000+ Zapier apps such as Klaviyo, Shopify, Google Sheets or Slack.

Select the environment from the Server dropdown

It is important to note that until your Zap is tested (this will be covered in the last step), it is highly recommended to select the Sandbox Environment from the server dropdown and switch to Production once you are ready to create real impact. Any impact created in the Sandbox Environment will not be billed or displayed in your dashboard. Any impact made in the Production Environment will be billed within your Greenspark dashboard.

Fill out the Trigger Id and Source Id fields

Your Trigger id and Source id can be found in your Zapier integration’s manage page within your Greenspark account (Add Impact → Integrations & Automations → Zapier). Copy them from here and paste them into the Zapier Action form’s Trigger id and Source id inputs.

The Impact purchases amount means the number of trees, number of plastic bottles or kg of CO2 that you would like to create whenever this Zap is triggered.

The given values must be positive integers. The minimum purchase price is $0.05 (so minimum: 1 tree / 5 kg of CO2 / 1 plastic bottle).

In the Post Action Email input select if you want to send a post purchase email to your customers.

By selecting Send Post Action Email from the dropdown, additional input fields will be added to the form: Recipient email address (required), Recipient First Name, Recipient Last Name. Fill in these inputs and then click Continue to test the Action.

To send post action emails, additional setup is needed within the Greenspark app. You can find a guide to help get set up here.

You can set a custom type for the impact action. This name will appear on the impact emails sent out as well as within the customers impact wallet. We would recommend names such as review, newsletter signup, and app download. If left blank we will use impact action.

Before testing the action please make sure that you selected the Sandbox Environment from the Server dropdown on the Action’s form to ensure that you are not billed while testing.

To test the Action click on the Test action button.

After a few seconds a Success message should appear. This means everything is setup properly and you can switch the Environment to Production from the Server dropdown on the Action form.

Once you have switched over to Production, click on Continue at the bottom of the Action form and click Skip test.

Congratulations, your Zap is ready to be published!

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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