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Set-up My Post Action Email

To send post-action emails to your customers, you need to do two things:

Set up your post-action emails on the Zapier Action form of your Zap. You can find a guide to help set this up here.

Set up the post-purchase emails in the Greenspark app.

Setup the post purchase emails in the Greenspark app

Login to the Greenspark app and go to the Post purchase engagement page (Engagement hub → Post purchase engagement → Manage) and activate the customer dashboard.

Scroll down to the Notification templates and click on Edit.

From the context menu of Customer invitation or Customer update select Edit which will open the notification template editor.

Scroll down to the Triggers part of the form and select the Customise triggers checkbox.

From the list, select the Zapier-type triggers for which you want to trigger the post-purchase email sending from your Zapier integration.

It is important to note that the Zapier typed triggers are not selected/enabled by default, so every time a new trigger is created for the Zapier integration, you should come here and enable it.

Click on Save to apply your changes and enable post action email sending.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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