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How Do I Display Badges On My Shopify Store With A 2.0 Theme?

We have multiple badge styles that can all be found in the Engagement Hub on your dashboard. There are multiple ways to add badges to your Shopify store, depending on your theme.

If you are on a Shopify 1.0 theme, click here.

If you have a Shopify 2.0 theme:

If you are on a 2.0 theme, you have easy access to all our badges and they can be dragged and dropped into wherever you want on your store. This will not require the API. To do this:

From your Shopify admin, go to 'Online Store' > 'Themes'.

Find the theme that you want to edit, and then click Customise.

Navigate to the page where you want to add the app section. Click Add section.

From the drop-down menu, in the Apps section, select the Greenspark badge that you want to add to the page.

Optional: move the app section to where you want it on the page, and customise the block using any available settings.

Click Save.

For more information regarding app blocks, click here.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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